About Us

The Start of An Unforgettable Adventure. 

Do you want to grab a kayak and explore Pops Miami Beach? Or are you planning for stand-up paddle-boarding?

Pops Miami Beach is a family-owned and operated business offering the finest for its customers. Based in Miami Beach, we provide optimal rental services of kayak and paddle boards. All of our equipment is well maintained and will function just like new.

We Offer Top-Of-The-Line Rental Gear at The Best Prices.

What sets Pops Miami Beach apart is our prompt friendly service at the best prices in the area. We are the ultimate rental service for all weekenders, explorers, and excitement seekers. We believe that people come to the beach to make the most of their time and would want to spend it doing what they would highly value. Therefore, we provide entertainment to optimize their time and energy.

We are confident about what we do, which makes us outstanding in the area. We are water sports enthusiasts and intend to give you the same level of enjoyment that we experience every time on the water. We also know that happy and satisfied customers return and share their experiences with others, that’s why we always aim to please you by delivering the best. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We invite you to enjoy your visit to the Miami area by gliding through the water at the pace of your choice.

Pops Miami Beach is always open to cater to your exciting plans, be it an exploration with friends or a family fun trip, we are here. For any queries, reach out to us so we can start planning for your next big adventure.